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Support Policy-kaspersky anti-virus

Support is provided for all Kaspersky  products that have not reached the support end of life. You can find a list of the currently Kaspersky  anti-virus. You may be required to update to the latest version of your product during the support process.
Support for Kaspersky  Antivirus Basic and free Kaspersky  products is provided through online help articles and the Kaspersky  community forum.

Support for paid products, as well as for any purchase or billing questions is available through the following methods:
·         Online Help articles
·         Community forums
·         Chat
·         Phone
If you have Kaspersky  Antivirus Basic and want to liveto support you can upgrade to a Kaspersky  anti -virus that includes free unlimited phone and Chat support.
Availability of live contact options may vary by region and language.

Subscription Renewal Availability

·         In general, customers can renew their subscription prior to the expiration of their current subscription term to avoid a lapse in their protection. For details on how to automatically renew, read Kaspersky  Automatic Renewal Service Help.

Customers with a current paid subscription to Kaspersky  360, Kaspersky  Internet Security, Kaspersky  Antivirus, and similar security products are eligible to update to the newest version. To check youeligibility, visit the Kaspersky ani-virus center.

Supported Product Families

·         The following product families and variations are currently supported as described by the Kaspersky  Support Policy.


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